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Monday, 17 May 2010


Im in love with leather shoes,it has been passed onto my by my dear father.
He owned a leather factory,where he use to take me as a little girl and told me all about leather.The best part was the trips around the factory where I saw how the leather has been processed.'It all be yours one day'-he used to say.Well that day didn't come. Before I became 18 when the factory was going to be sign onto me; the factory had to be closed for financial situation in Poland.People didn't have enough money to buy expensive leather shoes at this point in time,I'm talking end of '90s. When Poland was just relived from communism in
He and his twin brother has owned many leather companies over years. They not only specialized in shoes but also in leather clothing. Just imagine the 80'/90' leather jackets and trousers and accessories...
Dad use to give me a blank paper and pencil and told me how to draw and paint,he was an amazing artist himself. The usual thing he would ask me to draw was shoes.
Then few days later he used to turn up with the exact made up pair of shoes just for me. It was incredible.I wish i appreciated it more at the time...
These days i own only few pair of shoes.They all are made of leather and they mean a lot to me. I had new arrivals this morning pictured above.'Brown Leather Buckle Ankle Boot'.Elasticated panelling and buckle fastening.
Round toe,washed style with low blocked heel.
I have got a lottt ooff timee for those babes.
Im proud of all the surrounding I have grown up in like different cultures business passion love and art ,as it made me realize that you can do what you love and earning money at the same time. Fashion industry is a hard business and yes,you can put your heart into it and then loose it because of country economics like i explained above or just simply someone might not like your ideas and style ,but seeing my dad made me realize that its all worth by the end of the day.
And following little girls dream here i am on business meeting with my dad,explaining step by step what should I be doing/saying and agreeing to.
I even remember getting a lecture on the plain back about the types of leather and their size,proper names and what are they used for and why.
I decided to dedicate this chapter to my dad,as I am where I am now because of him with the knowledge he gave me as a child.
Im going to be talking about leather in different forms of use and techniques that have been used in the past few years.

photographs by Ashley Mark Poulton aka McGiven

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