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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Photoshoot 'Sophisticated Princess'

This photoshoot is not up to date,but I enjoyed it so much that I would like to share with you today.
The concept of this shoot was to fit it with my theme for work and build up portfolio to get to University in London and it worked.I decided to work with unusual material wchich was gold paper plate from Poundland,beleve it or not it really inspired me. I decide to buy about 100 of them in different size and use it in different ways.You wouldn't believe what kind of  thing you can do with paper plate.I had 100000000000 ideas a minute and only week to do it all.I love working under preasure.I didn't thing long about the design,i just saw it in my dreams and drow it out first thing after I opend my eyes in the morning.It took me a day to make it,so the day after I was ready to focus on the actuall photoshoot. I could only turn to one of my best friends in this industry Stuart Stenhouse,Fashion Photographer.I went up to see him in Newport University,Wales.I didn't have to explan what I looking for he knew what I expected.He has done an amazing job,thanks to him Im now where I am,waiting to move to London and studying what I love the most.

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