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Friday, 18 February 2011


I'm very excited to be part of London Fashion Week S/S'11
I will be reporting all the upcoming trends for bloggers!

shirt,hat and red lipstick off I go !


First impressions: My dream came true,sooner then I thought it would do!
London you are so fashionable!
 LFW: indescribable...

London is stylish and utterly,sexy,ugly,dazed and confused.
London is fast and loose,arty,wonderful every single day.
We all love London for what it is.
Creating visual description of who we are inside on the outside using rags,tags and metal.

London Fashion Week its like 'Christmas came early' for fashionista!

London governs  world designers in one place,giving opportunity to resource contacts follow and set trends for this year.

London Fashion Week Interviewed by NEXT :

                                                          BLOG NEXT TRENDS

Look of 1st day at London Fashion Week:  Friday,18th

Vintage hat,white shirt m&s with vintage broche 
black fur jacket with chain,lether maxi skirt with Jeffrey Campbel wedges 
finished off with Guerlain rouge lipstick

09:00Paul CostelloeBFC Show Space   
09:30 - 13:00Preen by Thornton BregazziWC2  PN
10:00Maria GrachvogelWC2   
11:00 - 19:00Orla KielyThe Portico Rooms  PN
12:00Caroline CharlesBFC Show Space   
13:00 - 16:00SaloniW1  PN
13:15Corrie NielsenBFC Show Space  FR
13:45Irwin & JordanSW1  PN  SS
14:30Jean-Pierre BraganzaWC2   
15:30,16:30Eun JeongWC2  PN  SS
15:45Aminaka WilmontBFC Show Space   
16:45sass & bideSW1   
17:00 - 20:00The Rodnik BandWC1  PN
17:30,18:30Krystof StrozynaFashion Scout  PN  SS
17:45Felder FelderWC2   
18:30bSTOREW1  PN   
19:00Bora AksuBFC Show Space   
20:30PPQBFC Show Space


Outside the venue is surrounded by press taking street style pictures for 
Vogue Italia
Vogue Portuga 
   ....and many more

15:45Aminaka WilmontBFC Show Space

3rd row,I wasn't complaining! 


Autumn/Winter'11/12 Collection

-glaring eyes and long hair and plats combination

Totem took influence from totemic tribes,primitivism and subtraction.
Dark use of fabric/pattern was taking from totem poles,spirit and animals creating a new tribe.
Collection was soft and draping silk adding elegancy to asymmetric cuts and strips across the body.
Tailored with strong use of leather.
Prints are bold but strongly recognised within the outfit itself.Hint in the direction of structured blocks of shape and colour adding knitwear in shades of earthy colours.

'The impenetrable wedge boot'

..both knee and ankle high. Heavly looking,representing strong animal's hoof proving that hard can be elegant.

''I am a 'boot lover', after the first model walked  out my eyes drooped to the floor and followed her down the catwalk,i couldn't take my eyes out of them. Black,heavy looking they looked like they were made out of plaster,very sculptural ''

playing around with moving 'item' on my camera.

Strong start of this season,there is a gluttonous edge to this collection.

17:00 - 20:00The Rodnik BandWC1  PN


' we'll still be paying homage to the 1970s or unearthing something completely different from the depths of our wardrobes'

by Philip Colbert

nspired by elements in the modern art world


 "it's wearable art!" 

"The satire of art felt like the perfect inspiration, to make humorous references that are accessible in conceptual meaning, such as Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain" (urinal) and capture an ironic take on 'wearable art,'" says Colbert. "I was inspired by the allure and mystical value that art represents, the value, status, and luxury that the iconic works imply, and the humour of translating this in clothes."

'Factory Girl' now I know this collection reminded me of something,i couldn't word it.I watched Factory girl the other day and the way the presentation was spaced and what location it has been alleviated reminded me very much of underground art back in time.
Incredible use of colour,pop arty experience with twist to it,loved very much !



       loooooooove these! I have to admit I never 
thought  to mix of print and spikes,
it came out very well.


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