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Inspired by everything,that has potential to become art. I study Fashion Design,Styling and Promotion in London. Quirky&Vintage equals my personality and style.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Welcome to my crib! this is my religion,this is the wall of inspiration.This is what I call home...things I surround myslef with.

You will find on it all sort of things,people I love and inspired me all my life,like my brother.My parents who believe in me and invest in me to get where I need to to do what I love.Music,that I can't live without..and many more.

 I have been stoped by sky sales man in market store,Im not sure why he choose to run after me,maybe it was my red lipstick ? I said Im not intrested,i don't own tv by choice.At that point he seems offended...How come,he asked? What do you do for living? Im fashion student,anwerd shortly.Thats unbelievable,as fashion student not to watch tv! No it isnt.I an artist,i dont wanna do something that has been done before,I get inspired by things around me.He didnt asnwerd back.

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